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About us

To continue acting as a Pioneer within any business activity we handle from through handling and delivering projects with the highest quality and cost efficiency.



We are Al Aslam Co. established in Basra in 2011. Since its early start we were seeking to follow all the developments in the field of the Construction and contracting work and manufacture and supply of concrete to be one of the leading and specialized Contractor in the Contracting field to provide all services toour clients and Customers. Our unstinted drive to be a market leader continues – we have outlined strategic plans for the future in each of business sectors ranging from Construction, Oil & Gas, Operation and Maintenance, Facilities Management Landscaping, Technical & Hygiene Services Manpower Supply, Environmental Services/Waste Management and Irrigation. Our company focuses on producing of concrete piles with high-quality specifications and the soft concrete with a different types, by using modern technology in the design and carrying out of concrete by using local raw and additives materials from global origin, We have high quality concrete factories. Al Aslam Co. maintains strict adherence to cutting edge international standards in the health, safety and environment arena. Our policy has always been ‘people first’ whereby we have laid strong emphasis on the betterment and safety of our employees. The millions of man hours devoid of any accidents bear testimony to our commitment and drive to Our employees of diverse backgrounds. All works is carrying out to Successfully by introducing a quality Products with highest standard of technical assistance.


Dear Valued Customers, As Chairman of Al Aslam Co. I take much pleasure in introducing our company. Starting with a mission to play a role in developing Iraq through commercial, residential and infrastructure projects, Al Aslam Co. has gone from strength to strength since its founding in 2011. Understanding what the community needs, and having the expertise and commitment to deliver this, has shown in our projects since the early days. Through National and foreign companies contracts we have been able to provide well-constructed and we have accomplished many contracts for the Basra Oil Company, Samsung and other private sector companies. While we have already achieved a lot, we believe that by forging ties with partners who appreciate our goals and share our vision, we can set our sights on much greater things. Our confidence in our country, and countrymen, inspires us to look forward to a solid future, where we can further expand our company›s role as an important entity in the development of Iraq.